STUDENT Wellbeing

“The heart of education is the education of the heart”
Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ
At St Mary’s College, our pastoral care reflects the mission of Jesus. Our values of respect, justice, compassion, inclusivity and courage ensure that the sacred dignity of the human person is a lived reality for our community. These values are the foundation of our pastoral care programs and practices.

A Culture of Care & Support

Our care for students is based upon the belief that every individual holds intrinsic worth and is of infinite value. We are a safe school, a school where students feel a strong sense of belonging and where each student’s story is known. At St Mary’s College, our evidence-based pastoral program educates, supports and guides young people to realise their worth and use their strengths to become thoughtful, active global citizens who make a positive difference to our world.  

Our pastoral care is led by our Director of Students and a team of enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable staff. Each year level has a Pastoral Care Leader who oversees the wellbeing programs and individualised care of every student. Pastoral Care Teachers develop strong, supportive working relationships with their students. They partner with families to ensure students are consistently supported through their educational journey. The College also has a Student Counsellor who works with students to build skills and strengths.

Student Voice, Leadership & Relationships

Students of all year levels are encouraged to become leaders who voice the needs of students and the community, both formally and informally, to bring about an understanding of our collective responsibility for the learning and wellbeing of all. They are empowered to lead innovative initiatives that make our school an inclusive, just and friendly place.

Formal leadership opportunities are available in every year level whether it be on our Student Representative Council or Student Voice Committee, in our Year 10 Leaders Program, our Sports Leadership Academy or our Senior Prefect Team. All students at St Mary's College are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills and provide input in the development of strategies to enhance wellbeing and promote safety.

Students experience a culture of positive behaviour embedded in our practices, support strategies and programs. Our community prioritises relationships and is familiar with the mutual accountability this produces.

Wellbeing at St Mary's College

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