Over the course of more than 150 years of education, Presentation College Windsor and CBC St Kilda have been privileged to provide an education to thousands of graduates across multiple generations.

Presentation College Windsor ‘Women of Windsor’ and CBC St Kilda ‘Old Collegians’ form a collective of accomplished and dedicated individuals. At St Mary’s College we aim to support continuing friendships among our past students, and to maintain connection with the College.

We are always looking for new alumni across all generations of past students so that we can continue to pass on the traditions of St Mary’s College, and its founding schools, CBC St Kilda and Presentation College Windsor, for future graduates and leaders of tomorrow.

Personal connections are a vital part of the St Mary’s College. We are seeking to connect with alumni of both CBC St Kilda and Presentation College Windsor, to help us connect with our rich histories, and to forge opportunities for the current student body to be inspired, motivated and connected to our alumni community.


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