St Mary’s College has established a range of scholarships to encourage the enrolment of students who strive for excellence and to achieve the highest standards possible.

We invite applications for our Scholarship Program for Years 7 – 12 including:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Performing Arts/Music Scholarship (Current Students Only)
  • Sports Scholarship (Current Students Only)


A scholarship student may be selected from any Year Level if he/she has demonstrated outstanding performance over a period of time at St Mary’s College. New students applying for entrance into the school at all Year Levels are also welcome to apply.


  • These scholarships are available for students currently studying or wishing to enter St Mary’s College at Years 7 - 11.
  • Parents of non-current students must contact the College Registrar to ensure places are available prior to applying for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship will cover 50% of the academic tuition fees for two years for students applying in Years 7 -11 and 1 year for students applying at Year 12.
  • The successful applicants will need to demonstrate a willingness to participate fully in the life of the College and maintain a high academic standard.


Academic Scholarship

  • Current St Mary’s College students receiving discounted fees by way of a bursary or scholarship are ineligible to apply.
  • There is a fee of $125 for those wishing to sit the scholarship exam this is paid through the ACER portal on application.
  • Successful recipients will receive a credit towards their fees and must maintain a high standard of academic achievement.
  • St Mary's College is currently offering scholarships for 2024 entry.
  • Apply for a Level 1 ACER Scholarship Exam if your child will enter Year 7 or 8 in 2025.
  • Apply for a Level 2 ACER Scholarship Exam if your child will enter Year 9 or 10 in 2025.
  • Apply for a Level 3 ACER Scholarship Exam if your child will enter Year 11 or 12 2025.

Once a scholarship has been offered and accepted, an agreement is entered into that is beneficial to the student, their family and the College. As a condition of acceptance of the scholarship, students are required to remain at St Mary’s College until the completion of the scholarship terms. Should a student leave the College prior to the terms of the scholarship being completed, any credits applied to tuition fees will be required to be refunded back to the College



  • Scholarship Exam applications close 6 March 2024
  • Scholarship Exam takes place on Saturday 16 March 2024


Only available to students currently attending St Mary's College.

  • Students applying for a sport scholarship, must have been selected to represent either a State team or National team. Sport scholarship applications must be submitted in the same year the student is selected for the State or National team. Past representation will not be considered. Sport scholarships only apply to the current year of study. A new application is required for subsequent selection into a State or National Team.
  • Students applying for a music/performing arts scholarships will need to audition. Information regarding auditions will be issued by the St Mary's College Music and Drama Department.

Applications for sports scholarships are submitted by hitting the link below. Music and Performing Arts Scholarships are to be submitted in writing via email highlighting the following: Demonstrated excellence and achievement in a field of endeavour related to school life, such as the performing arts, music or sports may also be seen as an advantage. The successful applicants will need to demonstrate a willingness to participate fully in the life of the College, and care should be taken to ensure that the applicant’s interests and activities are fully documented and supported, where possible, by evidence of awards, prizes or testimonials.

Further information should be addressed to the College Director of Development Mr David Formosa -



Students who already hold a St Mary's College Scholarship do not need to re-apply each year. Instead, the student's performance will be reviewed by the relevant Year Level Pastoral Leader and Director of Learning Development. An interview with parent and student will be arranged if necessary. All current student scholarship recipients must also have attained an exemplary attendance record at the College. A letter advising the outcome of scholarship renewal will be mailed by mid-November.