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Year 7 Formation Day 2022

Our School is built on the foundations of what Edmund Rice created. It is important for our students to understand the richness of the Edmund Rice story and how it still relates to us today. We want our students to develop an understanding of the four touchstones of receiving a Liberating Education, based on a Gospel Spirituality, within an Inclusive Community committed to Justice and Solidarity. The Formation Day was a chance for Year 7 students to have an introduction to these important elements.

The Formation Day is about Year 7’s becoming more familiar with their peers, teachers and their school. It was an opportunity for the students to learn more about the history of St Mary’s and to learn about who Edmund Rice was and the importance of his work. The students engaged in a range of activities from team problem solving activities, to an icon scavenger hunt on each of the campuses, a visit to the Edmund Rice Chapel to learn about our founder Edmund Rice, and an art activity where they delved deeper into understanding the Edmund Rice Icon which is pictured above with the students in the chapel photo.


Below are some quotes from the Year 7 students about their experience on Foundation Day.


I liked Formation Day because we got to understand more about Edmund Rice and meet Father Jerome. - Aiden B.7 Ryan


My favourite part about Formation Day was the icon scavenger hunt because not only did I get to run around with my friends, but I got to learn some history too. - Massimo S. - 7 Ryan


On Formation Day I liked learning about the schools’ history and most importantly Edmund Rice. I also really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and finding out about different emblems and statues. What I found most interesting was Father Jerome’s church and the history of it. It was really interesting to learn about what different things mean and what they represent. - Sam D. - 7 Treacy


I liked Formation Day because we did a scavenger hunt which was really fun having it on both campuses. On Formation Day I learned a lot about Edmund Rice like how he started the Christian Brothers and how he was so inspired by Nano Nagle. His group was called the Presentation Brothers before the Christian Brothers. - Noah D. - 7 Treacy


I liked Formation Day because we got to go to the other campus and we had a good look at the Nano Nagle Chapel. - Leroy W. 7 Treacy


I liked Formation Day because we had a tour of both campuses. On Formation Day I learned the history of Edmund Rice. What I found most interesting on the day was how Edmund Rice created the school. - Alessandro B. 7 Walsh
I liked Formation Day because I got to meet the people that I will spend the rest of my high school career with. On Formation Day I learnt more about basketball by talking to my new friend. I found it interesting how many people were in my Year 7 group. - Jett L. 7 Walsh


On Formation Day I learned about Edmund Rice and how wealthy and kind he was and he did anything in his power to help anyone that needed help. -  Isaac R. 7 Walsh


Identity Co-ordinator | Jane Marandu


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