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World Teachers Day 2020

On World Teachers Day, we asked our students what they think about our teachers! Here’s what they said…

The best thing about teachers at St Mary’s is that they are always there for you. I like how the teachers are always supportive if you need help. When I come to school each day, I feel happy when the teachers say hi, it makes me proud to be a student at St Mary’s. There are so many other reasons why the teachers here are awesome. I haven’t had one day where I haven’t felt happy to be coming to school. From Day 1, the teachers have been great. I can’t even think of one negative reason about this school. Even this morning, seeing teachers at the train station really made my morning. I thank you for all the hard work you are doing. I really do appreciate it.  

I will always remember the time a teacher made my day better. Shortly after the passing of a close family member, I was feeling under the weather. I was not sleeping as well and couldn’t find enjoyment in any of my hobbies and interests. Since my family was mourning, I struggled to find the time to complete my schoolwork. Every day of school felt like a drag, but one teacher made each day so much better. He always radiated with positive energy and enthusiasm. He strived to make his lessons and assignments, no matter how dreadful they could have been, genuinely enjoyable. He was accepting and understood that I was not going through the best of times; I could tell that he wholeheartedly cared for his students.
I hope you have a happy Teachers’ Day!

I remember one day during a Science class I finished early and, in that lesson, we looked at fractals and I was introduced by my teacher and another teacher who introduced me into Ford circles which was a fascinating topic and related to Maths and Science and I remember reading all about ford circles that night and always wanting to do a project on it. That was a time that a teacher made my day better by actually realising that I was interested in this kind of thing and made it really fun. 

I will always remember the time a teacher inspired me to do my best. We had just started an assessment and I wasn’t too interested myself. But the way that this teacher passionately talked to the class about this task and expressed their own personal interest was electrifying, and it got me excited and interested. It made me want to do this project, which is something that hasn’t happened to me at any other school.

At St Mary’s, teachers are very inspirational, and you could see their dedication in their teachings and work that they do. One teacher gave motivation to us students every day and that helped us to keep determined in our learning. The teacher’s motivational speeches were great!  I wish the teacher to keep on teaching this way and encourage them to keep it up as they are a great teacher.

I will always remember the time a teacher helped make my day better. So, I was having trouble with one of my assignments and I was really stressed about it, so I asked for some help from a teacher and they helped me get most of it done which lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I really appreciated the help and won’t forget for a long time the day that teacher made better. 

I remember once a teacher helped me when I was having a rough time. There was too much homework, assessments and work. I was super stressed and I didn’t know what to do. It felt like my head was about to blow up to the sky. But then, a teacher came up to me and asked if anything was wrong and I told him what happened. I don’t know how, but the teacher managed to keep me calm and stay happy. It was very helpful for me and I felt better.

I remember a time when a teacher helped me when I wasn’t feeling myself, how they made me feel better, how they took time out of their schedule to help me out. How they were so kind and considerate and made sure to check up on me and make me smile every day. To them, I say thank you.

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