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The Woman In Black

“Behold, I show you a mystery…”


Over the last three and a half months, the VCE Theatre Studies Class worked admirably, tirelessly yet collectively to perform the much loved English Gothic Horror performance piece “The Woman In Black”.

In Theatre Studies, one of the major assessments requires the students to choose a script to focus on to ultimately plan, develop and present a live performance to an audience. The students must choose at least two production roles (director, lighting technician, set design, sound design, acting, props, costume) to undertake in this process, which, as you can appreciate is a monumental task! There is minimal teacher involvement and students are required to come up with practical solutions to any problems encountered.

The following students are to be commended for their involvement:

Alexander D (Year 11) Prop design and acting

Hope F (Year 12) Set design, prop design and acting

Nic H (Year 12) Costume design and acting

Mitchell H (Year 11) Acting and sound design

Adelaide T (Year 11) Acting

Max T (Year 12) Director and lighting design

After two years of COVID restrictions the Performing Arts were represented once again at St Mary’s College! Over the course of three nights to a terrified but thrilled audience, the theatre studies class put on three excellent performances in Logue Hall and received acclaim for the production design and performances.


Feedback the students received:

“I really don’t like theatre or shows but I loved this. It’s given me a greater appreciation for the arts. Tell the VCE class that they had me hooked.”
“…It was more professional than most of the shows I see at a professional level. You forget that they’re teenagers.”
“Top marks for creativity! It was incredibly polished and regrettably I wish I had seen it more than once!”
“I’m picking up Theatre Studies next year now. I want to do what they did because it looked like so much fun.”
“At one stage I didn’t know where to look…I was terrified that something would pop up behind me.”
 “It was my second time watching it and I still jumped even when I knew she was coming.”


Thanks to everyone who came to support the production – it is wonderful to see so many campaigners for the Arts. We look forward to bringing you more performances in the very near future.


Director of Drama | Brendan Tollit

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