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Staff Profile: Maluk Adut

I completed my secondary schooling at CBC St Kilda. I had dreams of playing professional basketball in America. After graduating I followed my dream and left home to study and play basketball in America. An associate degree and a collegiate scholarship later, I returned to Melbourne. With my keen skills in helping people and a lot of optimism, I knew I would be optimal in a learning environment. CBC gave me the opportunity to bring those qualities to light. Many positive role models in my life were secondary teachers or mentors, and I believed I could add that same value to another student’s life.

I enjoy being in a learning space and helping others, particularly the students who are facing or have faced the same hardships as me. I love to facilitate growth and help others tap into their own potential. Every student has the ability to achieve greatness, they only need love and support. I look to be that support system because these were the same systems I was missing as an adolescent.

I aspire to help others actualize themselves. Seeing students come into their own is super rewarding.

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