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Mathematics Olympiad

The Australian Mathematical Olympiad is conducted by the Australian Maths Trust (AMC) their vision is to:

‘… develop a nation of creative problem solvers, they believe maths is the most effective way to get students there. Maths isn’t just about times tables and formulae. It’s about the process of finding creative solutions to problems. Maths develops resilience, persistence, confidence, and creative thinking in students.’


Together with the top Mathematic minds of students from around Australia and New Zealand, we were very proud of Harry Z who by invitation, this year, sat the Australian Mathematical Olympiad exams. Out of around 200 students from Australia and New Zealand, he was awarded the top-level award and a prize.

Harry in Year 12, is looking to further his studies at university next year in the field of Science or Mathematics. We wish him the best of luck and know his hard work and exceptional skills will take him on a successful career path journey.  

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