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Guitar Design and Building

Design and Technology is a popular subject at our College. In our fully equipped wood work room our students learn hands on skills and techniques of working with wood. A popular project is designing and building a guitar, we asked Mr Sweet about this project.

What year level works on the guitar building project?

Year 10 Design and Technology.

How do the students approach creating a guitar?

The Year 10 students were required to research existing designs for a solid body guitar. Their research was to investigate the design and shape of a specific brand of guitar, changes that have been made to the design over the years and aesthetic features such as traditional and modern paint styles.

What techniques did they learn about and apply to their project?

Students were required to glue two pieces of ply wood and use a jig saw to cut out the rough shape of the body. A great deal of shaping was to follow, using rasps and a range of sandpaper. Students were then required to shape a pine neck and then rout a cavity in the body to fit the neck.

How did COVID lockdowns effect this?

COVID managed to cause issues but with much enthusiasm for their projects the students ploughed on and were able to learn a great deal about shaping techniques and equipment. While COVID did change our plans, it didn’t diminish the enthusiasm the students had for designing their piece. The girls in our co-educational class who had never done wood work before, were willing to accept advice and learn new skills, they had fun designing and building a guitar.

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