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Go Girl Cyber Workshop

This year, we were offered an opportunity to participate in the Go Girl Cyber Edition Workshop. Throughout the day, we listened to different speakers who talked about careers in STEM and courses in universities. Their goal is to encourage more girls to explore a future in IT and it’s great they’re supporting women interested in this career pathway. 

We participated in a challenge where we had to crack a code to reveal an IT related word. The hosts slowly revealed letters as the day went on and the word turned out to be ‘Python’, a programming language. 

There was an informative live stream and the guest speaker talked about her experience in her career and how she got there. During the live stream, we did a quiz against students from different schools about a range of IT things. We enjoyed attending the online workshop experience. We can’t wait to do it again next year.  

Thank you for organising this for us! It was super fun!


Athena A. and Audrey G.

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