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Food made with compassion

Food technology is available to students throughout their education at St Mary's College. Students learn about nutrition, cooking techniques and become equipped to make healthy meals independently. Our students also learn compassion and their impact to help others through preparing and donating food.

Learning cooking skills

Earlier this month in Food Technology the Year 7s were introduced to a couple of new processes, coring and peeling. Students used an apple corer to remove the core from apples and peeled the apple in preparation for slicing it thinly and placed it on a sheet of puff pastry.

They mixed the apple with brown sugar and cinnamon and spread some apricot jam on the pastry to create a sticky, sweet, warm apple puff. A delicious treat for students to try at home and for the whole family to enjoy as the days become chilly! We are not too sure how many of the apple puffs made it home as they were delicious! Our College has a strong community and we are thankful for the apples donated for this lesson.

Catering and Hospitality Skills

Co-ordinated from our amazing Food Technology team, our students learn how to cater for many of our College events. Our students cater for our College Tours making delicious slices to serve to our guests and learn the skills of presenting and food service. Recently our students catered for the Mother's Day Breakfast of over 150 guests. Many opportunities are provided for our students. Our VCAL students have opened a Student Cafe with a commercial coffee machine. Several of the students have taken a Barista course and make terrific coffee, which was served at our recent Open Day and loved by our staff.

Social Justice and Giving

St Mary's College has a strong focus on providing food to charities and work in with community food donations that our students use to create these meals. We donate to charities on a weekly basis including Reaching Out In the Inner West. Students volunteer their time at lunchtimes and/or donate food made during Food Technology classes to the charities. Excess food from events is packaged and donated to charities too, ensuring the food goes to those who are in need and the College has zero food wastage.

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