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Class of '21 - Dare to be extraordinary

Principal Terry Blizzard's address to the Class of 2021

Thursday 21 October 2021

Good afternoon, Class of 2021.

The history makers!

The class that will one day feature in the annals of our College as the first Co-educational graduating class, and of course the history texts will be full of stories of the VCE class of 2021, who over two years spent approximately 263 day working remotely!


I think back over the year, and it seems a life time ago...

When on Welcome Day, we had 40 mm of rain, and you all drenched, arrived at school for your first day of Year 12.

When Mr Lancashire and I attended the ACC Captains dinner with our College Captains Campbell and Darcy, where Darcy became the first young woman to speak at this occasion.

When we had the opening St Mary’s College Mass and the Archbishop went off script to share his wishes for you all.

When we were so lucky with the timing to have the formal, where boys who had not worn their uniform properly for two years suddenly looked immaculate in their suits!


What an extraordinary two years you have had, and what extraordinary resilience you have shown – girls and boys. I am constantly amazed to think that you have continued to adapt, to “get back on the horse” and get on with things with such good spirit. In one year, you have embraced the vision of our co-educational school and set the foundations for the future. You are remarkable young people.


After the GAT you received a care bag in which a number of us, wrote you a note. On my note, which I know you have pinned on your walls, I wrote

Your current circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

I believe that strongly – don’t allow the circumstances to dictate your future.

On behalf of your teachers and all of the staff at the College can I say we have the highest hopes for you all. You have the wonderful opportunity to be whatever you want. At our opening assembly this year I dared you to be more than ordinary, dare to be extraordinary.

We wish you every blessing in the coming weeks, be it in exams or in whatever other pathway you are taking. Please know that we share the journey with you.


God bless you all and good luck.


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