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Class of 2021 VCE Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, teachers and families. We are incredibly proud of your hard work and dedication in such a challenging year. The Class of 2021 have had a senior school experience like no other. Their VCE years have been a saga of school closures, cancelled events, lockdowns, isolation, and ongoing uncertainty. In spite all of this, our students have shown incredible resilience and dedication to their studies.

In our first year of co-education, we have established a strong study culture and have great pride in announcing the first St Mary’s College Dux, Manon Sabouraud with an outstanding ATAR of 97.3. Closely followed by three students with scores of 96.95, 96.65 and 96.35. Overall, we are delighted to announce seven students (9%) have achieved 90+ scores and 24% with scores over 80 and 36% over 70. Today we welcomed back to the College for afternoon tea five of these seven students, pictured above left to right, Harry Z, Byron D, Jesse Z, Campbell O, and College Dux Manon S. Kevin T and Jaden M were unable to attend today, we send our congratulations to them also.

At St Mary’s College we work closely with each student to achieve their best outcomes throughout their educational journey with us. Providing opportunities to utilize and develop their unique talents, our students leave our school with the confidence and world ready skills to reach their full potential.

We have a broad range of subjects that students excelled in. Students received scores over 40 (top 9%): Media, Further Maths, Economics, English, Biology, Health & Human Development and Accounting.  

Students received over 35 (top 26%) in Chemistry, Maths Methods, Business Management, Physics, Global Politics, Applied Computing, Japanese, Visual Communication and Design, Psychology, Physical Education, Product Design and Technology.

We are excited for the Class of 2021 as they now transition to a wealth of opportunities, further growth and make their mark on the world. They carry our blessings with them always.


Terry Blizzard


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