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Our Year 12 Program Leader, Ms Deirdre O’Doherty, paid tribute this week to our graduands of 2020.  

When I started to put my thoughts together for this speech last week, at first I found it really hard to know what to say. In a year, where so much has happened, and conversely, so little has happened, and we have all felt a little battered and bruised. It was initially difficult to distill the positives as a reflection on your final year. But the more time I spent thinking about it, the clearer my conclusions became. Your year level is not defined by the hardships you faced this year, but by the entirety of your time and your education here at CBC, the qualities and lessons that you learned in those years challenged and galvanized by the difficulties that you have faced this year.

When I think of this year level, even now, I don’t think of Teams meetings, I think of your flushed little faces, running in from lunchtime in Year 7, oversized blazers and wide eyes, big smiles. I think of so many projects and plans in Year 8, Channel 8 News, and afternoons in sun drenched classrooms. I see boys that were brothers, even moreso than other year levels, right from those early years, those friendships solidified in Year 9 and into senior school- downball and football and basketball- and the cage. I remember camp, and soccer final wins and boys parading around the grounds with Mr Genovese. I think of being told the impact that Mr Orlando had on this group right from when you were little boys and feeling confident that we were playing a significant part in raising good men if they aspired to be like him. I remember debates, and nights under lights on this very stage and frantic final rehearsals. I recall boys whose musical instruments seemed so big they dwarfed them once, now so confident and talented and inspiring when they take to the stage today. I think of fights, and friendships restored. Charity and challenges. Boys who became leaders and those who led, but not always with a badge. So many memories. In your future many of you will travel in so many different directions, so cherish these final days together as CBC boys. I hope that you take those memories with you and treasure them for your life.

When I consider what you have learned in your time here, of course I hope that the plans you made in Media projects, the essays you wrote for English and the equations you used in Maths will have value in moving into your future, but I hope most of all for you, that some lessons stay with you in particular. I hope that the kind words uttered by a teacher, when you didn’t think you could do it, but you could, inspire you to choose kindness and encouragement in your dealings with people. I hope the time you saw a classmate stand up, when the easiest thing would have been to say nothing inspires you to be men of action. I hope when you were held to a higher standard and told you were worth more lingers with you and you remember always to try for more- to give more and to forge a better life for yourself and for those you encounter. Most of all, as I said to you at the beginning of this year, I hope that you continue to strive and work towards your own personal virtue, whatever that means for you. Remember the CBC mantra always - Virtue alone is noble.

Through the passage of time, you will keep things from your high school journey and there are things you will leave behind- this is natural, but you will always have a place where you belong here, as CBC boys, in the long and honoured history of these halls. You will always be part of us and CBC will always be a part of who you become.

Pride swells the hearts of CBC.

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