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SOCIAL Justice


2021 will be the 53rd Walkathon for our College community. Every year we put into action our commitment to support those in our society who are living on the margins by raising funds and advocating for justice.

This year our donations will go to the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation and our continued support of charities for school children in India who so desperately need our help during these COVID times.

Our Walkathon was scheduled for Friday 28 May. Inline with Government COVID restrictions announced on 25 May, the Walkathon is now unable to take place on this date, but will be rescheduled to a later date. An announcement to our College community will be made as soon as possible on the rescheduled date.

Please keep donating to our College's important Social Justice Fundraising event.

Walkathon ID Numbers:

Students and staff please use your Walkathon ID number

Parents & Friends use ID 709

Alumni and Community use ID 708

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