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St Mary's College Melbourne Principal Terry Blizzard

Principal's Message

St Mary's College Melbourne Principal, Terry Blizzard

Welcome to St Mary’s College.    

St Mary’s College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.

At St Mary’s College we centre everything we do around our 5 core values. RESPECT, JUSTICE, COMPASSION, INCLUSIVITY and COURAGE.

As a principal of a Catholic Co-Educational School where females and males interact in classrooms and common social spaces, it is important that the emphasis of our values is at the forefront of our teaching and learning. That at some point during their day at school, our students will uphold one or all of our values, just as we hope they will do as adults.

At St Mary’s College, we believe in fostering healthy relationships between the boys and girls who will be the future leaders of our society. For us that means bringing them together, not holding them apart. Placing them in situations where they can lead, have a voice, listen to the thoughts of others and work together to achieve a common goal.

We partner with our families to instil a deep sense of respect, justice and belonging in our students that transcends the classroom. Everything we do to teach and support students is built on the fabric of love, values, beliefs and habits each family instils throughout their child’s life and we welcome the involvement of parents and families in our school community. 

Our education occurs through a moral and social lens. Our social justice programs, pastoral, creative, sporting and academic pursuits and the well-designed learning programs are all tailored for the unique and differing needs of junior, middle and senior school students. We educate our students to be good people who can add value to the world they enter when they leave our school. 

A St Mary’s College co-education is a preparation for the years beyond school, regardless of what pathway is chosen by our students. Where respect is the basis of all their relationships, they act with justice and fairness towards each other, they show compassion and empathy towards the marginalised, they are welcoming and inclusive, celebrating diversity and they act with courage learning from the mistakes they will make along the way.

We look forward to providing your child with a caring and supportive environment where every student has a place and a voice. Our innovative learning and wellbeing programs aligned with mutually respectful relationships enable each student’s intrinsic worth to shine. Preparing students for life beyond school, our programs enable students of diverse abilities to step purposefully into their future.  

I invite you to be part of our school community. The information in the following pages provides an introduction to our school, but I encourage you to come and visit to see what makes our school special. 

Terry Blizzard

College Principal

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"Education is not just about the subjects we learn; it’s about learning to live respectfully, justly, compassionately, inclusively and courageously in a world with each other."
Terry Blizzard - College principal