A School For All

Our Leadership

College Leadership Team

  • Terry Blizzard (Principal)
  • Shaun Lancashire (Deputy Principal)
  • Nick Whitlock (Director of Staff)
  • Andrew O'Brien (Business Manager)
  • Bev Pettit (Director of Learning Development)
  • Chris Pye (Director of Students)
  • Sam Walden (Director of Year 9 Program)


  • Mr Philip Soumilas (Chair)
  • Ms Anne Boyle (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Peter Cox
  • Mr Marc Dixon
  • Ms Jacqueline Durand
  • Mr William Jolley
  • Ms Annabelle Scanlon
  • Mr John Sinisgalli
  • Ms Kim Sullivan
  • Mr Terry Blizzard (Principal)
  • Mr Shaun Lancashire (Deputy Principal)
  • Mr Andrew O’Brien (Business Manager)