A School For All
Co-education | St Mary's College Melbourne


As inner Melbourne’s only Catholic co-educational secondary school, girls and boys at St Mary’s College share their educational journeys together.  All students learn and adventure together in an environment enlivened by respect, excellence, enquiry, challenge and fun.  

In a co-educational environment, all students can share in the joy of learning together and develop mutual respect and trust for one another. We believe that there are many advantages in this model where gender equality is promoted, in both academic and co-curricular activities, and for the social and emotional development of young people. This learning environment ultimately reflects the world beyond the classroom.

We offer exciting and comprehensive learning programs through a flexible model of co-education from Years 7-12. Mostly, girls and boys learn together, as creative innovators, independent thinkers and collaborative problem solvers in an environment of mutual respect.

The flexible model enables gender groupings based on interest studies, research and data, sport choice and specific topics. This model promotes dynamic learners who will thrive in complex and rapidly changing situations.

We encourage our students to see each person as an individual with intrinsic worth and dignity, looking beyond stereotypes and assumptions. Our students develop their understanding of the value of each human person by connecting and working together as unique, dynamic young people.  

Our girls flourish in our co-educational learning community

To ensure girls are well-supported, we have:

  • A Girls’ Support Liaison (a staff member dedicated to the care and transition of girls)
  • Pastoral care staff on both campuses for girls to access
  • Girls-only breakout spaces and areas in the school yard at both campuses
  • Girls’ community meetings each week
  • Separate bathrooms and change rooms for girls and boys
  • A partnership with Secondary Catholic Sports Association (SCSA) to ensure there is plenty of sporting opportunity for girls
  • Classes arranged so girls are well-represented
  • A positive relationships pastoral program for all students
  • Planning for a girls’ sporting academy pathway
  • Equal representation of girls and boys on the Student Voice Committee and in student leadership teams
  • A female and male College Captain and College Vice Captain