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As a contemporary Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, our students explore how core values of love, forgiveness and human dignity can be expressed in their own lives.  

The Catholic identity of St Mary's College is nourished by the example of Blessed Edmund Rice. We endeavour to develop the whole person through engaging and challenging curriculum, a living liturgical and prayer life, retreat programs, and dynamic social justice initiatives.

While we are an Edmund Rice school, we also embrace the charism of Nano Nagle. The example of the founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano Nagle, inspired Edmund to make his vision of educating the marginalised a reality.

The union of the two charisms and the long-standing connection of CBC St Kilda and Presentation College Windsor is the strong foundation from which we move forward.

Through engaging and challenging curriculum, a living liturgical and prayer life, retreat programs, and dynamic social justice initiatives, we endeavour to develop unity within each student, to form the whole person.  

The Religious Education program at the College is designed to not only engage and challenge a student’s knowledge, spirituality and cultural awareness, but explore the historical, biblical and living presences of Christ today, and the key teachings of Jesus and our Catholic tradition. Students will explore their own ethical stance of key issues, be challenged to critically examine their relationships and how they deal with conflict.

Adolescence is a time where many young people begin to branch out and seek their own identity. During such years, faith, spirituality, religion and traditions are naturally questioned and tested.Therefore, it is most important that our programs provide a nurturing and safe place for the expression and exploration of faith and spirituality.

Through Religious Education, our students look outwards as well as inwards, understanding some of the challenges facing the world today and how they can respond to those challenges.

Prayer, liturgy and service are part of daily College life and bring us together a s a faith community. The wide variety of social justice initiatives are offered through the College such as food vans, blood drives, immersion experiences, allowing students to live out the Gospel spirituality they have grown to understand.

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Have courage, the good seed will grow up in the children's hearts